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Alcyon Pleïades

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  1. Alcyon Pleiades (Part 1 of 3) – Original Version
  2. Alcyon Pleiades (Part 2 of 3) – Original Version
  3. Alcyon Pleiades 3 (Republished): Part 3 of original trilogy
  4. Alcyon Pleiades 4 (Republished): New World Order and Alien Dominion Alcyon Pleiades
  5. Alcyon Pleiades 5: Who Sunk the Titanic? Illuminati? NWO?
  6. Alcyon Pleiades 6: The gold fraud and the deceit of the alien oppressors
  7. Alcyon Pleiades 7 (Republished): End of Illuminati dominion, Vatican crisis and its alien interest
  8. Alcyon Pleiades 8 (Republished): Tesla’s new source of energy and neutralising the dominating aliens
  9. Alcyon Pleiades 9 (Republished): Fall of the Elite, Bilderberg club, NWO and the Beings of Light
  10. Alcyon Pleiades 10 (Republished): Conspiracies and assassinations, the elite facing justice
  11. Alcyon Pleiades 11(Republished): Harmful modification of human DNA by the alien elite…
  12. Alcyon Pleiades 12 (Republished): Deception of governments to curb freedom
  13. Alcyon Pleiades 13: Plans for Human Sterilisation and Restrictions of Freedom…
  14. Alcyon Pleiades 14 (Republished): False Flags- Pretext for Orwellian Dictatorial Control
  15. Alcyon Pleiades 15-1: Comet ISON and its effects, Obama’s dictatorship…
  16. Alcyon Pleiades 15-2: Global toxic and radioactive dangers, Fukushima, Chernobyl, Waco, Syria…
  17. Alcyon Pleiades 15-3: Shadow Government-NWO agenda for Global financial colapse…
  18. Alcyon Pleiades 16-1: More meteors-asteroids falling, Comet ISON, Imminent changes
  19. Alcyon Pleiades 16-2: Secret plots of the NWO and the Police State — Bitcoin
  20. Alcyon Pleiades 17-1: Underground Eugenics Laboratories of the Nazis-Globalists
  21. Alcyon Pleiades 17-2 (Republished): NWO global extermination, Ukrainian Crisis and the Nazi Legacy
  22. Alcyon Pleiades 18-1: Nazism, Operation Paperclip, its connection with Hollywood & Sport
  23. Alcyon Pleiades 18-2 (Republished): Did Hitler die or escape to South America? Today’s Nazi legacy
  24. Alcyon Pleiades 19-1 (Republished): Crisis in Ukraine, the Elite’s sinister plan
  25. Alcyon Pleiades 19-2 (Republished): FEMA concentration camps and the NWO holocaust
  26. Alcyon Pleiades 19-3 (Republished): World Genocide, New Concentration Camps
  27. Alcyon Pleiades 20-1: The help of the Cosmic Confederation: Crop circles, UFO sightings…
  28. Alcyon Pleiades 20-2: How the Beings of Light are helping humanity.
  29. Alcyon Pleiades 21-1 (Republished): Pleiadean Photonic DNA Recodification
  30. Alcyon Pleiades 21-2 (Republished): Extraterrestrial Mentors and Plasma Ships of Light
  31. Alcyon Pleiades 21-3: Bermuda Triangle, Malaysia Air flights, Mysteries on the 27th Parallel
  32. Alcyon Pleiades 22-1 (Republished): The improvement of our DNA-RNA and the Beings of Light
  33. Alcyon Pleiades 22-2 (Republished): Last desperate actions of the Elite: Wars, terrorism, crisis…
  34. Alcyon Pleiades 23-1: Secret weapons of the Elite?: Ebola, ISIL, terrorism, climate change…
  35. Alcyon Pleiades 23-2 (Republished): Elite unmasked: Corruption, Ebola scam, Rise of BRICS
  36. Alcyon Pleiades 24 (Republished): Changing of our DNA, on the threshold of an economic crash
  37. Alcyon Pleiades 25-1 (Republicado): False flag attacks, global economic crisis, government lies
  38. Alcyon Pleiades 25-2 (Republished): Plots of the Elite. Xenophobia. Energy of Helium 3
  39. Alcyon Pleiades 26-1 (Republished): Cover-up of life on Mars. Travel to Mars
  40. Alcyon Pleiades 26-2 (Republished): MK Ultra in Hollywood, subliminal manipulation
  41. Alcyon Pleiades 26-3 (Republished): UFOs offering protection. Int. Space Station . Chemtrails
  42. Alcyon Pleiades 27-1 (Republished): Racial hatred, Illuminati-Zionism and MK Ultra
  43. Alcyon Pleiades 27-2 (Republished):Soldier suicides. Bin Laden. Germanwings crash. Drones
  44. Alcyon Pleiades 28-1 (Republished): Prophecies of the elite. Warnings given in advance.
  45. Alcyon Pleiades 28-2 (Republished):The Pope’s change of direction, threats-prophecies of IS
  46. Alcyon Pleiades 29-1: Synchronised terror attacks. Bilderberg. RFID chips. Child genocide
  47. Alcyon Pleiades 29-2: Sensitive Indigo-Crystal children of the new race. DNA in action
  48. Alcyon Pleiades 30-1: Dimensional portals. Galactic confederation ships. Urgent awakening
  49. Alcyon Pleiades 30-2: Refugees. Evacuation portals. Quantum leap. Multiverses, 5D world of dreams
  50. Alcyon Pleiades 30-2 Special: Exodus of refugees. EU crisis. NWO conspiracy Concentration camps.
  51. Alcyon Pleiades 30-3:Political duplicity. Photonic light in roses, spacecraft, giant plants, fairies
  52. Alcyon Pleiades 31-1: Terrorist cover-ups. Syria. Russia in the face of the elite’s conspiracies
  53. Alcyon Pleiades 31-2: Separatism. Political fraud and corruption. Spain. NWO.
  54. Alcyon Pleiades 32: Paris terror attacks. ISIS threat. False flag. Illuminati. NWO
  55. Alcyon Pleiades 33-1: Social chaos, terror attacks, EU divided, Schengen agreement, RFID implants
  56. Alcyon Pleiades 33-2: Threat of ISIS, Biotech, Robotics, Nanotech, Modification of our DNA
  57. Alcyon Pleiades 33-3: Global control of NWO, Big Brother, AI, robots
  58. Alcyon Pleiades 34-1 (Republished): Human robots, cyborg supersoldiers, ancient Nephilim giants
  59. Alcyon Pleiades 34-2: Human clones, robots and highly advanced synthetics, Posthumanism, Immortality
  60. Alcyon Pleiades 34-3: FEMA guillotines, clones-doubles of famous people, Akhenaten-Obama, Beyoncé
  61. Alcyon Pleiades 35: Zika virus, internet shutdown, martial law, terrorism, Jedi religion, Satanism
  62. Alcyon Pleiades 36 (Republished): Global economic crisis, bail-in, NWO, unemployment
  63. Alcyon Pleiades 37: Truth about 9/11, ritualistic killings & no. 11, George Washington’s vision
  64. Alcyon Pleiades 38-1ª: Satanism, global dictatorship, crisis in Spain & Latin America, Trump, Brexit
  65. Alcyon Pleiades 38-2: Unexplained assassinations, the Kennedys, Evita, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly
  66. Alcyon Pleiades 39-1: 2016, 666 and the NWO, new religion of satanic worship and Queen Elizabeth II
  67. Alcyon Pleiades 39-2: False messiah, Prince William, Murals of Bank of America, Denver airport
  68. Alcyon Pleiades 40: Reincarnation, NDE, pole shift, magnetite, climate change
  69. Alcyon Pleiades 41 : Special edition: Brexit, Global economic and social repercussions, Domino effect
  70. Alcyon Pleiades 42: Schumann Resonance, Stargates, Looking Glass-Yellow Cube, Brexit
  71. Alcyon Pleiades 43 – SPECIAL EDITION: Nice attacks, Turkey coup, Rio Olympics, Munich
  72. Alcyon Pleiades 44: Pokemon Go, Project Blue Beam, Beings of Light and Anti-light, Selfies, NWO
  73. Alcyon Pleiades 45: Threat of meteorites, meteor showers, weak Van Allen belt, cosmic warnings
  74. Alcyon Pleiades 46: Clinton-Trump, health problems cover-up, USA-Russia, Racism, EU crisis
  75. Alcyon Pleiades 47: Time changing from 24 to 16 hours, Schumann Resonance, Fractal universe
  76. Alcyon Pleiades 48: Donald Trump, strategy of the elite, society in shock, NWO, economic collapse
  77. Alcyon Pleiades 49: 4th anniversary, health & diet on glands & vital energy, neurotoxins, fluoride
  78. Alcyon Pleiades 50: Berlin attack, Chapecoense plane crash, anti-Russia conspiracy, Red Army Choir
  79. Alcyon Pleiades 51: Secret programmes, Montauk, BlueBird, Mannequin, DARPA, Cern, Stargate
  80. Alcyon Pleiades 52: Trump and Zionist elite, cause of World Wars, fall of Russian Tsar, Mexican Rev
  81. Alcyon Pleiades 53: Predictions 2017, The Economist, Trump, balkanisation, Romania, Iran, Schengen
  82. Alcyon Pleiades 54: Trump protests, confusion at the Oscars, prophecy of Fatima, White Helmets
  83. Alcyon Pleiades 55: Lunar influence, alien bases, Moon-landing hoax, Apolo 11
  84. Alcyon Pleiades 56: Drugs, trafficking, invented wars, colonialism, USA-North Korea, WW III
  85. Alcyon Pleiades 57: Terrorist attacks, Militarisation, Middle-East, Qatar-Iran, Trump-Saudi Arabia
  86. Alcyon Pleiades 58: Nuclear wars of antiquity and current threats, cosmic DNA, Governing aliens, UFO

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